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July 11, 2006


Attila Chordash


Interesting to read, that in the seventies and eighties, in the childhood of Anderson the only places in America to go outside mainstream were library and comic book shop which was definitely other than products of broadcast mass culture.
The traces go back to a part of culture, which was arrogantly called high culture before. I think that this culture was always persisted in a niche.
Now my comment is that the rising niche culture is a great possibility to revitalize science and philosophy in the niches and offers new and powerful tools extending them to other niche cultures only by shared interest and not by the commands of an ever cloudy "you must read this" authority. You'd better popularise science et al. with a bottom-up way, not by a top-down effort. Web is clearly the future of these disciplines.


I saw that review on your book I just received (thanks again!) and I can't believe that your book REALLY is 'between freakonomics and tipping point'! Whoa! Nicely done!


Impressed that you have coverage in fortune magazine, referenced on cnnfn (money).

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