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December 27, 2005


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Sorry for the wait sir. May I take your order? Yes please, I'll start with a top-o-the-power-curve appetizer, and have the Long Tail for my main course. Not familiar with the "Long Tail"? I read about it for the first time in Wired. It's been bl... [Read More]

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Chris Anderson's has posted on the relation between the Long Tail and the Zipfian distribution. It reminded... [Read More]

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The Longtail blog covers a recent discussion with an ex-Microsoft manager - and shows that MSN Search has an interest in Zipfian distribution. Basically, were talking about the longtail of search, but the ex-employee describes it in simpler te... [Read More]


Barry Ritholtz

That's Fascinating stuff to a numbers geek (like me) -- I would hope you include it in the book.

Of course, the more math, the less copies you will sell.

Whaich raises a question: Which part of the fat head/long tail do you hope the book occupies?


Very interesting stuff. However, regarding this stat:

"Loosely speaking, if you divide the number of queries by 4, you'll get the frequency of the most popular query..."

My research shows that 4 is much too small of a constant to characterize the Search Head. That is to say, the head is not nearly that large - rather, you would need to divide the total queries by a number like 100 to 400 to get the frequency of the most popular query.

I would be curious to see where the stat came from.


For the best on the long tail, Zipf, etc,
Try reading Mandelbrot and Taleb:

chris anderson


Well, I'd like to put a good bit of math into the book and accept my inevitable place down the tail. But my publisher, whose money is paying the rent, would rather that I not. At the moment, there is exactly one equation in the book (unsurprisingly, y=ax^k), but we'll see if that survives the editing.

Adam Marsh

Funny, I just wrote a post on this exact topic:

"Loosely speaking, if you divide the number of queries by 4, you'll get the frequency of the most popular query."

This says that in a Zipfian distribution, the top bin gets 25% of the total. As I detail in my post, the percentage of the total in the top bin depends upon the number of bins, assuming that the distribution follows an exact inverse power law. According to this reasoning, if the top query gets 25% of the total queries, there were less than 100 queries!

Of course, in fitting real data to a power law all kinds of offsets, etc. are swept under the rug, so this isn't really a fair thing to say -- but it is an interesting topic in general. You can find more on similar long tail / power law stuff here, here, and here.


Doesn't have a lot to do with the Tail, but dr. Watson: I turn it off. On all workstations. People don't get it, or get annoyed. They are much happier when the application just crashes and they can restart it.


I came here from out-of-context. Frequency of *what*, measured in units of what, according to whom?



This says that in a Zipfian distribution, the top bin gets 25% of the total. As I detail in my post, the percentage of the total in the top bin depends upon the number of bins


That is to say, the head is not nearly that large - rather, you would need to divide the total queries by a number like 100 to 400 to get the frequency of the most popular query.


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Why don’t they just create an “archive” of less popular games? God forbid they be a little creative and try to make their online store a little more user friendly and functional. there’s got to be a way to keep older games and still not have to scroll through a huge list of stuff to find what you want.

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